No matter if you are during your holidays rather the idle fellow, discovery trip taker or sportsman, Martinique offers you a wide range of activities. Although the island is small (barely 70km long and a little more than 20km wide, but still: 9 times bigger than Jersey), the richness of its countryside and its cultural heritage make it very popular for holidaymakers.

We have selected for you what we prefer in Martinique: things to see, to visit and most important to not miss. In the Village de la Pointe, you will also find   an excursions office where our team will give you local advises concerning the activities and possibilties of the island. Reservations are also possible.

Martinique beaches

Certainly, it is a bit easier to start our tour with the magnificient beaches but the reality is: holidaymakers arriving each year to Martinique have often only postcard beaches in mind. And it is true, Martinique’s beaches are among the finest in the Caribbean and it would be a pity if you missed it!

Martinique’s beaches have the special feature to take advantage of a very hot sea. It will take you only a few seconds to feel comfortable in the water which is generously heated by the sun. This is also the main risk, do not underestimate the power of the sun: Please use suffiecient sunscream to protect yourself!

plage d'anse couleuvre, plage sauvage du nord de la martinique

Anse Couleuvre: A beautiful little cove with black sand beach, located near SaintPierre in the northern part of Martinique. Access through the typical jungle, which appears so often on this side of the island. Discover more hidden coves when swimming, a snorkeling paradise!

plage de carte postale des salines à la martinique

Les Salines: THE most famous beach of the island… but also the most visited! Without any doubt a “postcard” beach  par excellence, with its long beach strip, coconut palms, shallow and turquoise water. A true happiness! Lots of restaurants and bars for your comfort!

plage anse noire plage de sable noir martinique

Anse Noire: It’s the only black sand beach in the southern part of the island and famous for its underwater world: fish and even sea turtles can be admired under the condition that you have not forgotten your snorkeling equipment. A place of tranquility, away from everything.

plage de pointe marin pour une baignade à la martinique

Plage de la Pointe Marin: a beach of very fine sand, next to the Med club in SainteAnne. Water and landscape are beautiful. Lively atmosphere, often busy but always sympathetic!

The rum distilleries in Martinique

Visit Martinique without plunging into the world of rum? A visit to Martinique without discovering the universe of rum? This means that you would miss one of the most interesting cultural aspects of the island and its inhabitants. Rum, obtained from sugar cane, is grown in Martinique since the 17th century. The cane juice is distilled and fermented directly after a special recipe that makes the rum from Martinique worldwide famous.

Several major distilleries share the (limited) production of rum on the island. Each sort of rum has different taste and quality levels, so that you will find for anyone the right product. The Village de la Pointe is located near the Habitation Clément and the distillery Le Mauny.

rhumerie trois rivieres à la martinique

Trois Rivières: The Plantation Trois Rivières invites you to dive into the universe of rum: from the cultivation over the process of fermentation to the finished product, you will learn erverything about the traditional fabrication of “rhum agricole”. Visit the distillery, in addition you will be offered a tasting!

habitation clément haut lieu du rhum martiniquais

Habitation Clément: The Habitation Clément is surrounded by a sugar cane plantation with wonderful gardens and it’s the historical place of bussiness of the Clément rum. The Fondation Clément has the goal to promote and foster the Caribbean art. Visit one of the largest and still active distilleries.

rhumerie rhum j.m. vue du ciel à la martinique

Distillerie JM : The distillery J.M. in Macouba is the oldest distillery of Martinique. Beautifully situated at the foot of Mont Pelee, in the far north of the island. An absolute must for rum lovers!

rhumerie saint james proche du village de la pointe

Distillerie Saint James: This is a so called “distellerie fumante”. This means that it also is burning rum during the harvest period of sugar cane from mid-February to late June. Dating back to 1765, Saint James is one of the oldest distilleries of the island.

The cities of Martinique

Although the cities of Martinique are not among the “must see” highlights (roads often clogged, partly an ancient transport structure), they nevertheless represent the specific Caribbean charm which is so typical for the Antilles.

In 1902, the urban development in Martinique has been massively affected by a major event. The eruption of the volcano Mont Pelée in the northern part of the island wiped the city of SaintPierre -with nearly all its inhabitans- off the map. As a consequence of the biggest disaster with volcanic origin of the 20th century, the town Ford-de-France climbed from that day on to the most important city of Martinique.

sortie culturelle à fort de france

Fort-de-France: The capital is quickly seen, yout can easily visit it in a half-day. The former fort of course, the cathedral, streets full of merchants, right on the edge of the ocean. The biggest attraction is a little out of town: the Garden of Balata!

excursions à la martinique à saint pierre

SaintPierre: Despite its almost complete destruction in 1902, there are still many attractions to visit: the market in the city center or the old theater for example. Lots of spectacles from local inhabitants can be admired in the touristic town.

sortie plage à sainte anne

SainteAnne: The small coastal town in the south of Martinique has a markedly quieter atmosphere than its neighbours in the north. Bordered by beautiful beaches (Pointe Marin, Anse Michel, etc.), it is a town to relax and to have fun.

balade à la martinique aux trois ilets

Les Trois Ilets: located in the west of Martinique, Les Trois Ilets is one of the most charming and animated towns of the island. Perfect to go out for dinner. There is much to see, such as la Savane des Esclaves or the Pagerie museum.

Hiking in Martinique

In Martinique, there are more plant species than in the entire mother country France together, hence the name flower island. But there is far more than just the lush flora to marvel at: Reciprocal countrysides with volcanic gorges, streams, mountains have developed a luxurious and unique ecosystem. From the tropical jungle in the north to the rolling hills in the south with more European landscapes Martinique offers incredible panoramic views in a small space.

One should not make the mistake and believe that Martinique is limited to postcard motifs. Fortunately, there are good hiking opportunities, many hiking trails exist and are generally in good condition. Perhaps the best way to discover Martinique!

vue sur mer à la martinique

The Caravelle Reserve: You do not need be a hiking lover to enjoy your holidays here. Trails of 30 minutes up to 5 hours on the peninsula provide an overview of the biodiversity of the Caribbean.

le mont pelé au nord de la martinique

Mont Pelée: The Mont Pelée is a still active volcano that spits regularly smoke and gas . Please pay attention to the local news and information before planning a tour, often the surrounding area is blocked off.

des sentiers de randonnées en martinique

Montagne du Vauclin: Significantly lower than the Mount Pelée (1397 meters), but still reaching an altitude up to 504 meters. After a short climb on a winding path, you will get a tremendous view over the entire east coast of the island.

les cascades de didier, chute d'eau à la martinique

The waterfalls of Didier: THE Tour in Martinique, you should make sure to do that one, though a little bit tougher. Along a small stream course it goes up the hill to two cascades, where yout can swim if yout want to. But pay attention to tarantulas and poisonous snakes!

Not to miss in Martinique

Martinique is full of treasures and it is very difficult to make a “best-of”. However, if you spend only a few days on this beautiful island, there are some places that you absolutely need to see! Here is a short overview of things that you will not find anywhere else:

le rocher du diamant à la martinique

Le Diamant: Just opposite the homonymous town, you will find the Rocher du Diamant. It was a former shelter for pirates as well as a fortified base during the fightings bewteen the British and the French for supremacy of the island.

le jardin de balata en martinique

Garden of Balata: elected by travelers as the No. 1 attraction in Martinique, these gardens alone are worth the journey to the Antilles. Hundreds of different plant species and varieties spread on a majestic site, which you can also visit by means of suspension bridges.

vue depuis morne gommier vers saint anne

Morne Gommier: Far less known, but one of the most breathtaking views of the entire island. To get there, you will need to drive on a relatively steep road, but the effort is worth it: you will be welcomed with the hospitality of the southern part of the island.

les fonds blancs de pointe faula au vauclin

Baignoire de Joséphine: Even if there are just opposite the Village de la Pointe picturesque white sand beaches in Pointe Faula, you absolutely need to visit the Baignoire de Joséphine where the wife of Napoleon and Empress of the French Joséphine de Beauharnais already took a her bath in this unreal beautiful place.

To do in Martinique

Whether you are planning pure adventure holidays or sporty leisure ones, Martinique offers an incredible range of possibilities. You can even perceive some activities directly in the Village de la Pointe.

Martinique is an island and therefore there are especially the water sports in the foreground. Two more reasons: firstly, the water throughout the year is pleasantly warm and perfect for swimming. And secondly, there are plenty of things to see underwater: dolphins, corals, fish and even sea turtles.

faire du kayak à la martinique

Kayak: Is there a better way to discover the Caribbean Sea as via kayak? Starting point at “Club Nautique” in Le Vauclinm and heading for north along the coral reef or for south to the mangrove-surrounded bay of Massy.

tour des yoles sponsorisées village de la pointe

A voyage on the sailing dinghy: The dinghy is a native sailboat without keel. It is up to the team to keep the balance of the boat upright. Every year, about the end of July, a dinghy race takes place, which attracts tens of thousands of spectators. But of course you can try this sport all year round!

kiter à la martinique

Kitesurfing: in the midst of a kitesurfing spot, it is only natural to bring you this new sport a little closer. Although the first hours are usually a bit difficult, the kite will get more and more your friend: this sport optimally combines speed with ocean.

nage avec dauphin en martinique

By catamaran: What seems to be a simple boat trip on the sea can get one of the highlights of your holidays! On the open sea, you can sometimes watch dolphins and snorkel in coral reefs.