The Madinina vibes

Martinique, Madinina in creole (the island of flowers), is located in the heart of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. A little piece of Europe in America: the island is surrounded to its west coast by the Caribbean Sea and to its east coast by the Atlantic Ocean. Martinique offers to visitors a sumptuous and varied countryside, a compostion of sea, mountains, rainforest and beautiful beaches.

But Martinique has another treasure even more important : his friendly and welcoming people. Mixed culture, creole language, caribbean music, there are so many ways to discover this unique people.

nuage de mots clefs martinique

Martinique as you've never seen it !

Martinique, at the crossroads of cultures, with its rich and turbulent history, is the promise of an adventure for the visitor. We must not only rely on postcard landscapes, Flowers island hides lots of other secrets. Major events are organized all year long : Carnival, Yoles Tour, concerts and shows almost every night.

During the day, the places to visit are innumerable. An immersion into the heart of the botanical paradise, the Balata Gardens. Then, departure for the Diamond Rock ! Old pirate shelter, this rock gave its name to the municipality located south of Flowers Island. Visit the rum Habitation Clement distilliry, a true monument of the island.

And for those who wish having a sportive activity : we recommand the climbing of Mount Pelee, the old Volcano which destroyed the city of SaintPierre. For others : diving to discover the coral reefs, sea kayaking, catamaran cruising , mountain bike riding, etc.

A gastronomical journey

Discover the Caribbean cuisine in all its variety in Martinique. You will find simply everywhere on the island restaurants offering the best of Creole dishes: accras of cod, Samosas, chicken colombo, prawns with curry, soup christophine, plantains, sweet potato donut, West Indian pudding… and many others.

May it be a beach bar or a restaurant in town, you can be sure that the dishes are made using fresh products in the traditional way, just as spicy as it should. It is very rare to have a bad meal in Martinique. For your smaller hungers, don’t miss the following: white coconut, apricot pudding, flamed banana flan or gelato. Martinique is the promise of a gastronomic discovery without comparison!

A fascinating cultural heritage

Martinique still bears traces of the difficult period of colonization. Today, a large number of these places can be visited and have become a significant part of Martinique’s culture. Dive in the universe of the rum or the cane sugar culture and visit the colonial master houses.

In fact, Martinique is an island with lots of different roots. Its culture has many major influences coming from India, Africa or Europe. Of course, the African culture is the origin of the creole culture: this can be proven by the music, the sculptures and the dance in particular. Come to Martinique, it is the unique opportunity to discover this rich cultural heritage.