Here is some information that we consider important for all the holiday makers who would like to go to Martinique. These are questions we often get asked about so feel free to take a look at them to prepare for the best holiday in Martinique. Our team is of course at your disposal by phone at + and email to answer any additional questions about your trip on the island of flowers.

Go to Martinique

Where is located the Martinique?

The island of Martinique is located in the Caribbean sea, between Saint Lucia and Dominica. Guadeloupe is located 150 km north of Martinique. French Guiana for its part is about 600 km to the South. Martinique is located approximately 6500 km from France.

When starting in Martinique?

Martinique has the chance to enjoy a very favourable climate all year round. Dry seasons alternating with longer rainy seasons but overall it’s still nice. The air temperature frieze 30 ° throughout the year when the temperature of sea water will fall only very rarely below 26 °. Sun destination in the winter, the best time to go to Martinique is from December to April.

How long to stay in Martinique?

Although you could go round Martinique in car in one day, it would be a real pity no to stay there longer. Most holidaymakers stay in Martinique about a week  which gives time to explore the most famous spots of the island (beaches, Mont Pelé, Fort de France, Saint Pierre, etc.). A week’s vacation to Martinique allows you to relax and to apprehend the creole culture. But do not be fooled: you won’t see everything in a week (far from it) and you should stay a bit longer (two weeks) to begin to really know the island.

Martinique: what kind of vacation?

Martinique, like the rest of the West Indies, is too often reduced to white sandy postcards beaches. It’s true: Martinique has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and leaving Martinique without a little sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea would be really sad. But Martinique is much more than that: a unique creole culture to see, experience and taste. naturally breathtaking landscapes, a complex history and traditions still clearly visible; sports, activities, meetings and major festivals.

In short, you will not be disappointed of your holiday in Martinique, whatever you’re looking for.

How to dress for Martinique?

Just to warn you, it’s hot in Martinique ! It is therefore necessary to adapt your suitcase to the destination and focus on summer clothes: short, tong, t-shirt, sunglasses, etc. Do not also forget your solar cream (required for children). Expect to take a bath of heat, but the coconut icecream is never too far away!

Mosquitoes in Martinique?

It is necessary to protect yourself from mosquitoes in Martinique. Do not spoil your vacation, consider using mosquito sprays available in any store. At le Village de la Pointe, you will have the chance to stay on the East Coast, the coast of the ocean which has much fewer mosquitoes through better ventilation.

What time difference with Europe?

For your holiday in Martinique, count 5 h time lag with France one half of the year (October to April) and 6 hours of time lag the rest of the year.

What is the currency in Martinique?

Martinique use the euro so no need to change the currency for your holiday in Martinique if you come from the Eurozone.

What are vaccines required in Martinique?

No vaccine is required for Martinique.

Do I need a visa to Martinique?

No, if you are a french citizen or EU, you only need to have your identity card or your valid passport if you go on holiday in Martinique. Unless of course to transit through another country.

How long lasts the flight to Martinique?

For your flight Paris-Martinique, count about 7-8 hours of non-stop flight.

Martinique: expensive or economic destination?

Broad topic. We often hear that Martinique is an expensive destination because of the insular nature of its location: most of the products used to cook must be imported, sometimes from far away.  You will certainly feel that some prices are somewhat expensive if you do your shopping at the supermarket or go to the restaurant. Besides that, if you go to the market (fish, vegetables, fruit) and you buy local, you will pay a good price for very healthy and very good food. We therefore encourage you to consume local and to take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen in le Village de la Pointe to save and eat fresh.

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Holidays in Pointe Faula

Pointe Faula, what is it ?

The Pointe Faula beach is located on the commune of le Vauclin in the East of the island, about 30km away from the airport Aimé Césaire and Fort de France. At the end of road, Pointe Faula is a quiet place, with little crossing but still does not lack activities. Take your holiday in Martinique at Pointe Faula, you will find yourself in a preserved and authentic environment, a few kilometers away from important tourist places.

Who’s going to la Pointe Faula ?

The beach of Pointe Faula became in recent years one of the most famous spots of the island through the development of kiteboarding. This sport which takes advantage of shallow and ventilated water area has developed in the lagoon, protected by a coral reef. The FISE, the International Festival of Extreme Sports  took place in 2014, 2015 and will surely again take place at the Pointe Faula in the upcoming years. This contributed to attract media and sports on this spot of kitesurfing.

Most of the time, the beach of Pointe Faula is nevertheless very quiet, on the weekend you will some family in the water with children and some kiters but it’s not crowded.

What is Le Vauclin?

You who come to Martinique for your holidays, le Vauclin will be your main supply base: supermarket, bank, market fish and vegetables, pharmacy, etc. You will find very good restaurants (we will test them soon on our Facebook page) or taste typical creole gastronomy and local products. Le Vauclin is a very authentic village, which has been protected from any major constructions projects over the last years. You will feel the charm of the Caribbean as you stroll the streets, near the Church, or to the fishers’ place. Many activities are offered at the start of le Vauclin (boat, diving, etc.)

What to do in the surrounding area?

If you choose the residence le Village de la Pointe for your holiday in Martinique, you won’t have much way to go to enjoy a good flat creole or drink a glass of Ti Punch. You will find at a few meters from le Village, directly on the beach of Pointe Faula, several bars and restaurants with a very good quality/price ratio.

The UCPA (the French National Union of the outdoor sports Centres) lies a few hundred metres away, you will be able to learn and practice all kinds of water sports (sailing, kitesurfing, etc.).

Activities around the holiday residence are not lacking either: visit our page to see / do in Martinique to get some ideas!

Foot? Car? Public transport?

A tip: rent a car for your holiday in Martinique. Whether you’re with family or friends for your stay on the island of flowers, this will greatly facilitate you life. Le Vauclin is relatively accessible by public transport (but you wait a moment) and the distances are too great to come and go walking.

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Stay at Le Village de la Pointe

Residential leisure park: what’s that?

The Village of la Pointe is a residential leisure park, the first in Martinique. It is a concept that has grown significantly in metropolitan France and one has chosen to export to Martinique. In a residential leisure park, holiday rentals are managed by a professional. Le Village de la Pointe is not an hotel as holidaymakers are received after the manner of the ‘Self catering’ way.

The residential leisure park has a number of services available to holidaymakers (swimming pool, wifi, parking, etc.) and offers a secure environment developed, notably through the Palm Grove.

A Palm Grove?

The largest Palm Grove of Martinique is growing at le Village de la Pointe. If Palm trees have not yet reached their adult size (they are currently between three and four meters), they soon will provide shade to the site and will make the holiday residence a green heaven.

How to come to the Village de la Pointe?

Nothing more simple, although the road is not yet very well indicated. Coming from the airport, you take the direction of François then the one to le Vauclin. Arriving in Le Vauclin, follow the direction of Pointe Faula. Therefore, you arrive on a dirt road bordering the ocean. Continue on this road, you will pass good number of small beach restaurants and the UCPA. At the end of the road, a roundabout and you see le Village de la Pointe on your right.

What will you find at the vacation home?

You will find at Le Village de la Pointe all of the necessary services to spend a good holiday in Martinique: swimming pool, laundry, wifi, secure parking. You feel at home in your cottage with everything you need to enjoy your family holidays.

Where you will not find in the holiday residence?

At le Village de la Pointe, there’s no ATM or change. Therefore, go to le Vauclin for supply of food and goods of first necessity.

What are the rules at the Village of Pointe?

To ensure cleanliness and tranquillity of the site, we do not accept animals in le Village de la Pointe. It is forbidden to smoke in the cottages or use of barbecues and grills. Finally, we expect our customers to comply with the basic rules of living together: reduce noise after 10 pm, respecting the number of holidaymakers registered by cottage, do not degrade the common areas or cottages.

I’m coming with children, are there any problems?

On the contrary, we are pleased to welcome you with your family in le Village de la Pointe. For school holidays, think about the Pointe Faula! Playground, shallow water in the lagoon, everything will allow your children to have fun safely.

We are a large group, this problem?

We have welcomed groups up to 30 people in the past and continue to do so. The size and the number of cottages allows – if you are take to advance – to accommodate a large group (up to 100 of the person) in our holiday home feet in water.

I’d like to stay 3 months at the Village, is it possible?

Yes, we are open for rentals over long periods even if this isn’t our usual customer. Contact our teams for a special rental rate on your rental.

How far is the beach?

We are a holiday feet home in water, this means that you won’t have to do a lot of road to go to the beach. Our nearest cottages are within 50 m to the water.

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Your cottage feet in the water !

Are the cottages large enough to accommodate the whole family?

The cottages are specially designed to accommodate a large family on vacation (2 adults, 4 children), the cottages are up to 51 m² 4 rooms (living room + 3 rooms). Our cottages are tropicalized and air conditioned to respond to the constraints of the Caribbean climate.

How many cottages are there ?

The vacation home has 80 cottages in total, all dedicated to rentals. Plus, 10 villas.

Can i invite additional people?

No, a resident can’t invite its friends to sleep in le Village de la Pointe, if they are not clients. A resident can have friends coming during the day in its cottage if they registered at the reception. And there are so many nice places nearby (Beach, bars, restaurants) that it is not difficult to meet with them outside for the good time.

Fully equipped cottages: what do you mean?

Our waterfront cottages are fully equipped: it means they are ready for normal household use. The kitchen has all the necessary kitchen to dining and for washing dishes.

And neighbors?

Our cottages are all isolated and separated by vegetation, you don’t have to get afraid about the neighborhood. Le Village de la Pointe is very large (2 hectares and a half), so you do not have to be afraid of stepping on toes!

plage de pointe faula les pieds dans l'eau à la martinique