Martinique is an island easy to live: it is certainly a destination suited to all ages. Ease of language, European standards: there are many reasons to choose Martinique. If you protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes (fewer on the coast, no worries!), your trip in the Caribbean will be a success.

The offer of Le Village de la Pointe for seniors

Le Village de la Pointe offers all the comforts necessary for holidaymakers of all ages: fully equipped and air conditioned bungalows. It is easy to move on the Village and the sea is just a few meters. For the less mobile vacationers, many of our bungalows are suitable for people with reduced mobility and equipped accordingly.

The access to these bungalows is easy from the parking lot without having to climb a step. The terrace of the cottage is fully accessible and allows to take the lunch or dinner outside to enjoy the softness of the island. Adapted bungalows offer a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom widely reviewed to allow access and optimal comfort.

A destination without hassle

The tropical paradise is part of France: language, health, it should be easy.

A suitable Village

The residence is particularly nice for seniors, regarding the proximity to the sea.

For disabled people

Persons with reduced mobility enjoy specially designed Bungalow: access, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

A quiet Island

There are many retirees to settle in Martinique and they have good reasons to do so! The sweetness of life, the calm life of Martinique, a favourable climate make it a perfect place to spend some good time. Talking about time, you can certainly take it, to discover the local flavours, the cultivation of sugar cane, the distilleries and colonial legacy.